Ocean Live Resin continues to uphold its mission of providing the most premium cannabis products with two high objectives: quality and consistency.  Firmly rooted in the community as a family of cannabis connoisseurs, Ocean has evolved into a fully state-lincensed brand with headquarters in sunny Long Beach, CA.  With a passionate, experienced team and technologically advanced equipment, we are able to ensure the highest standards in ultra pure THC extraction.


Our commitment to quality is reflected in the purity of our products as well as our care for the consumer experience with flavor, potency and purity.  With a finely curated care for taste and aroma, we  utilize only naturally-derived, strain-specific terpenes.  Our process is pioneered by molecuraly-distilling our distillate without the use of solvents, PG/VGs, or other harsh additives.  Currently we offer our ultra-pure molecularly distilled oil in premium vape cartridges, syringes, and disposables.


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Premium California Bud
Vapes and Disposables
High Potency and Great Taste
Diamonds and Hash